After escaping the confines of Fairfield University, Roy Szuper returned to his native New York in the summer of 1993 where he began work as a story analyst for Lefrak Productions. He also began work as a production assistant on a PBS documentary titled, "Testing The Limits." Based on his experience there, he decided to produce his own projects.

By 1995, he had co-written, produced, and directed a 30 minute sketch comedy television pilot titled "My Wave." He had also written, produced, and hosted a 30 minute video segment titled, "Beyond Mandatory Minimums." In 1996, Szuper worked for Metropolitan Entertainment on several concert productions and began to direct and produce promotional videos for artists in New York.

It was at the start of 1997 that Szuper met Concert Joe. Eager to start his first film project, the meeting proved to be fortuitous. In a matter of weeks, Szuper would be spending hours interviewing Concert Joe and writing his story. By mid-year, after obtaining the necessary seed money from an income tax return, the first leg of filming began. After producing a rough cut of the film, a new round of filming began in the summer of 1998. Presently, CONCERT JOE has been reworked into a more engaging, narrative docu-drama. Szuper is proud to present the result: CONCERT JOE: A NEW YORK STORY.

2002 - Szuper begun his work on his next screenplay, "CHARCOAL," building on the idea he originated in his shorter film of the same title shot over a period of six days this past August in Astoria, Queens and in Central Park. "CHARCOAL" is the story of an ethnic and eccentric New York family in the days preceding and after 9/11.

2004 - Szuper is currently completing his latest project, GONZO MUSIC DIARIES, NYC, a feature film on the alternative music scene in NY. The project culminates in the the Williamsburg Music Festival in McCarren Park on August 21, 2004.

Szuper with Cinematographer Mark Cavello and actor Conrad Webb

Szuper with Concert Joe as the crew shares a light moment.

Szuper directing actor Carson Grant and Concert Joe